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We all know our cars need tune-ups…but what does a tune-up include? And why is it important to keep your car running? Your mechanic completes all of these steps during a tune-up:

  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Complete Fuel System cleaning with the latest equipment
  • Clean and/or replace the spark plug
  • Inspect and/or replace spark plug wires
  • Replace rotor and distributor cap
  • Adjust valves as needed
  • Check and/or replace all belts
  • Check and replenish all fluids (washer, brake, transmission, etc)
  • Change oil and oil filter if it’s time
  • Replace the air filter
  • Adjust the clutch in manual transmission cars
  • Inspect, clean, and add water to the battery if needed
  • Replace the PCV valve
  • Change the points and condenser on cars made in 1978 or earlier
  • Check and/or adjust ignition timing for cars made in 1980 or earlier

Most cars need a tune-up every two years or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. You may be tempted to skip your tune-up if your car seems to be running fine, but it’s an indispensible step in car maintenance. During a tune-up, your mechanic has the opportunity to inspect all the systems of your car and catch small mechanical problems before they cause serious damage.

Meanwhile, the repairs made during a tune-up ensure that your car runs at its best. Think of a tune-up as a way to improve gas mileage—which translates into significant savings when gas prices rise this summer! A tune-up keeps your car from working harder than it should, so it then requires less fuel to run.

Regular tune-ups are a vital part of preventative maintenance. They increase your vehicle’s efficiency and extend the life of your car.  Let All Tech Automotive tune up your vehicle for you and keep it running safe and smooth as it should!  All Tech Auto is Omaha's #1 car tune up specialist!

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